Saffron Shadows

I'm Saffron! I'm twenty, and I like Vocaloid and Homestuck! I also like to draw. I came here from Tumblr, where my username is the same as it is here.

oh wow look who has something to post for once

i havent been doing that much art lately :/

anyway heres another new dnd character theres a lot of special stuff going on with her as per the DM's commands(we're doing a special thing this time) and one of them is that shes haunted by 2 of her grandpas and her great great great grandma and all 3 of them are annoying

im sad that the picture ended up so monochrome but like shes a drow rogue so already we've got a lot of muted colors but also DM decreed all ghosts are black and white so ive just got all grey babey

moon -

When I'm around slow dancing in the dark Don't follow me, you'll end up in my arms

some very very stupid part of me thought it was a good idea to give egg 4 wings and also to make her coloring very complicated which makes doing like 3 drawings like this Very difficult but here i am

i drew the first one then decided it was too serious so i turned it into a prank haha

Ichigo; lets count in japanese, everyone-


of lavender and moonstone

i don't know how robot arms work

Design I did for my cousin!

Random marker drawing. I was just testing some stuff out!

moon -

"The blank fear of someone who's seen how truly disgusting the world is. Grasping to become as unknowing as the wind, as uncaring as the birds that carry it under their wings."

it's BOTH of them now

idk what brelooms doing here to be honest but hes doing it!!!

Bliss and Gratitude, tiefling bardners (bard partners) who are on tour but like permanently

Bliss uses she and Gratitude uses they

the outfits aren't like...finalized, at all. these were just the first things that came out after the characters were rattling around in the brainmeat for a while. they will continue to have each other's colors on them though, they're gross like that.

goro gift art for my friendddddd

a little spring witchsona i might redo some day